Wage development

Dear Company leader!

Probably you have already experienced that the IT job market has changed.

We face much higher fluctuations, higher pay and outstanding additional service needs, often from the junior level.

Employees dictate terms, but their loyalty and interest are hard to maintain.

With 15 years of experience in web and custom software solutions,

we built a team which is strong and well-prepared,

who believe in common goals.

For us, this is nothing more than the professional realization of individual needs.


We offer our development and other capabilities with the following benefits:

– Fast, efficient and expert handover

– The work does not have to stop due to sick-leave or vacation leave because of the team which request 2-4 people at least and 1-2 developers are always ready to jump in

– no integration and communication problems, 15 years of experience helps

– does not requires extra equipment, workstation or software

– no additional costs, only weekly, monthly or project milestone accounting

– dedicated PM on request

– experience of more than 50 different projects

– knowledge of customer in various fields, from SMEs to Multinational companies, Hungarian and foreign works

If you are having capacity issues for either a few weeks, a few months, or for a project, or an expert is missing from the team, ask us so we can personally explain the benefits listed above.

Discretion, good communication, reliability, professionalism!


With 15 years of experience, more than 50 completed projects and clients and with our significant software development capacity, we are here for you. We routinely handle short, small and large projects and can fit into an already running project to replenish resources or time, even for short periods.

Complete project

In case of a complete project, from the planning of the project, the compilation of the tasks and sprints, through the UX, UI and other graphic tasks, we ensure the successful completion of the product and project with the professional development work supported by manual and automatic testing. We always assemble dynamically the required team and resources for each task to achieve the most efficient work. Our 15-year history not only demonstrates our experience and readiness, but also provides projects with short- and long-term stability. As well as the opportunity of the support and updates after project completion.

Capacity rental

Our company provides constant development capacity in several cases, which provides an ideal and cost-effective opportunity for our customers in medium and long-term. In the case of companies’ expansion in the online space and serving their business solutions, in many cases several projects are under development, periodically more or less software development work is required, or the needs and system design cannot be specified in advance, in this case an excellent opportunity is continuous development availability which dynamically changes cost-effectively within an agreed framework.

Short-term / AdHoc

We have helped established development teams in several cases when the team’s workload has increased for a short or long time, or one of the team’s position is waiting to be replaced, or even due to an impending deadline more tasks are needed, but the company suddenly not capable of finding a solution. With the short handover time to complete tasks we can fit in immediately and help to reach goals on a daily basis, which we provide with professional and allocated project management.