SOFTWARE ESCROW – Software deposit

With our service you can keep your software safe…


  • Developer source code for any critical business application
  • Software specification
  • Descriptions, documentation
  • Executable files
  • Configuration files
  • System stored backup information

When should you use our service?

  • if you can’t afford to stop life because of the software
  • if you consider the developer risk to be too high
  • if you believe that the functionality of the software you are using will not be maintained in the future
  • in the case of an unexpected event (bankruptcy, virus) of the partner company, your company may also be endangered
Szoftver letét

  • you do not know what the development company is financed from (private capital, venture capital, loan)
  • falls into a difficult economic situation (your data is lost)
  • stops or pauses the service
  • only one developer has access to the software with whom anything can happen (in the future will not be able to support software development)

In what we can help:

  • We will advise you on what you may need in the future
  • We build trust between you and the development team
  • All data is kept confidential and encrypted
  • We maintain the integrity of the data
  • We provide a long-term solution

We offer a reliable solution:

  • Access to the Software Deposit will only be granted at a pre-determined event agreed by both parties
  • Our solution provides 100% security for both parties that the deposited software will not be modified or used by unauthorized persons.

We have more than 15 years of professional experience in software developing and

 provide a reliable software deposit solution for our current and future customers.

You get everything you need from us: expertise, enterprise solutions, anything needed for the security and software protection of your company.