SAM – Software Asset Management

SAM – Software Asset Management for companies!

With our service you can optimize your company’s software costs.

Benefits of SAM?

  • cost reduction (software, support)
  • acquiring the right
  • software improves your company’s productivity
  • business and legal risk mitigation
  • ethical use of software
    data security
SAM - Szoftvereszköz-Gazdálkodás
Software Asset Management

Nowadays, companies use many IT tools (laptops, tablets, smartphones) and software solutions in order to be as efficient as possible compared to their competitors. Many tools, many software, including mobile applications, make the corporate software environment opaque for the manager.

Save on your software with SAM!

Nowadays, more than 100 software providers can provide a solution to a particular problem, and most top executives don’t have the energy to decide which is the most suitable for their company’s goals, so they often make a wrong decision.

BerényiSoft’s SAM service takes the burden off your shoulders!

Needs assessment, inventory

None of the company executives like to pay for unnecessary unused licenses, so as a first step in our service, we make a complete inventory of your company’s software.

As a result of the inventory, you will receive information about unnecessary software use and about illegal software use if it is present.


The company manager is not expected to know the Terms and Conditions and licensing policy for each of the company’s software.

After the software inventory, BerényiSoft experts recommend optimizing the software licenses so that you do not pay unnecessarily for a service that you do not use or do not use completely.


We help you find the most optimal software for a particular problem.

The BerényiSoft performs a market analysis and SWOT analysis for specific software, so you will have all the information at your disposal to make the right decision. We help you select, implement and use the software.

Tracking software

With the service offered by BerényiSoft, you can track the expiration of the license, thus enabling the company to use ethical software.

This information can be important both for eliminating the legal costs of violating the license agreement and for the company’s reputation.