Queue management system

The essence of the queue management system


Due to the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of the queue management system compared to other systems, it is an ideal choice for performing customer notification tasks in offices.

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Introduction to the queue management system

Customer portal module

The administration interface of our customer call system. Within the software, we can manage employees separately, who can be grouped by department and office. For each employee, you can set which department or group it belongs to. During registering employees, you can set the direction in which the customer can reach the administrator as soon as possible.

Environmentally friendly solution

The content and appearance of the ticket can be customized in the administration interface, and the ticket printer can also be individually configured. The size of the printed ticket is optimized, so you can save a significant amount of paper.

Reports, Statistics

Managers have access to a print history module that allows them to track customer movements and make the administrator’s work measurable.

Previously booked date

The application allows customers to book a date before the event and this feature is available within the program by selecting the calendar menu item.

Managing priorities

The queue management system also provides the ability to prioritize customers. This feature allows us to set 4 priorities, for example:

  • Immediate
  • Ticketing, postal administration
  • Previously booked
  • Standard ticketing

Modular design

With the help of the client server module, we have the possibility to run the queue manager and client display modules on several computers and notebooks in parallel.

Customer display module

Customers can follow happenings on a digital television. You can use the program to adjust the information that appears on the display. You can place video advertising material on the display, and you can also assign any sound to call the customers.

For an existing system we recommend the following program modules:

  • Using smart buttons
    recall a customer, call a customer by number, transfer a customer to another agent
  • Smart ticket
  • Taking statistical data into consideration and printing the number of waiting customers and the approximate waiting time on the ticket
  • Support for multiple displays in the customer space
  • Setting up touch screen ticket terminals (so there is no need for an administrator)
  • Lunch break function

Customer support

For our customers we provide free support.

You can request help by emailing imre.berenyi@berenyisoft.com,
or by phone on weekdays at 06-30 / 7777-529 from 17:00 to 20:00.

In exceptional cases, we are also available for our customers on weekends and public holidays!

We also try to solve individual needs and provide personalized software developments for our customers.