Online marketing

Online marketing

Effective marketing in the digital space!

Services of BerényiSoft

  • Content production
  • Community building
  • Facebook campaign management
  • Google campaign management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ensuring a continuous online presence
  • Making managerial analyzes
  • Optimize an existing advertising account
  • Improving and optimizing an existing sales path
  • Shopping campaigns and Shopping ads
online marketing


  • We do a target audience research and competitive audit and then build the advertising system based on them so that the potential customers encounter the ad that is appealing to them.
  • Analyze and check the administrative connection of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook page, Facebook ad account, Instagram page and YouTube page.
  • Keyword research and setting new relevant keywords.
  • Creating campaigns and ad groups.
  • Creating ads with images (we also create the graphic parts).
  • Creating ad extensions.
    Setting up and testing conversion measurements.
  • Exploiting remarketing also at the cross-marketing level (for example when you encounter an ad on Facebook and it is advertised on Google).
  • Set up geo-targeting (individual ad for a county and city or region).
  • Set ad scheduling (on what day and at what hours your ads run).
  • Set device type (whether to display on mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • Set demographic targeting (to whom your ad should appear: male, female, how old).

Continuous online marketing

  • Continuous optimization of ads.
  • Excluding irrelevant keywords.
  • Launch new campaigns.
  • Set up new ad formats.
  • Involvement of new advertising platforms.
  • Creating remarketing lists with 30 and/or 60 days audiences.
  • A / B tests for the target audience
  • Set up an advertising system for checkout, cart quitting, or form quitting.
  • Advertisement for Facebook fans.
  • Run Facebook Messenger ads.

Existing online marketing

  • Complete review of ad accounts.
  • Review and improvement all of the current settings for ad accounts.
  • Improve existing campaigns and ad groups.
  • Review ad texts, write new texts.