Oil doser system


The essence of the oil doser system

  • An up-to-date, closed, computer-controlled system for the use of lubricating oil in car service workshops, where the dispensing of lubricating oil can be accurately measured, documented and the consumption of it can be checked, and any statistics can be compiled.

Contents of the oil dosing system

  • traditional elements of fresh oil filling, such as air-operated oil pump, built-in rigid or flexible hose line, dosing gun and its accessories, such as salvage basin, closing tap, gun holder, air preparatory, etc.
    computer preparatory units such as solenoid valve, transmitter
    the computer unit is the computer itself with the complete configuration, an interface hardware unit and the electrical wiring.

The operation of the oil doser system

  • the first step is to upload the data into the program, what kind of lubricating oil should be dispensed, the amount of starting quantity
    then the data of the operating staff have be uploaded into the system. (The software allows staff to log in based on a barcode.)
    management of privileges (the oil dispensing system makes it possible that only one person can manage the list of types and quantities of lubricating oil eg. workshop manager. The machinists only dispense the quantity into the vehicle at the designated workstation. The software also allows that mechanics prescribe lubricating oil grades, but a responsible manager authorizes it from another computer.
    Basic data can only be entered by the system administrator (filling quantities, lubricating oil changes, adding, deleting, modifying PIN codes, various checks, statistics…, etc.), while data can be entered into the computer by the operators themselves (vehicle, customer data, oil type, quantity, etc.) while certain data are added by the computer program itself (date of completion, duration, etc.).

Basically, at one time, on one workstation, only one kind of lubricating oil dispensing is advisable, but if desired, the program can also allow a lubricating oil to be dispensed on two workstations, since each workstation has its own solenoid valve and transmitter, the pump can only limit the amount.

It may be necessary to interrupt the dosing the of prescribed lubricating oil. The program makes this possible, within a certain time, which is determined by the customer, the program allows the continuation.

Security elements can also be included in the program. An example is the amount of fresh oil that can be filled into a particular vehicle. According to the factory data, if the vehicle requires for example, 3.4 liters of lubricating oil, even if they ask the computer program, for example, 4.3 liters of fresh oil, it will not dispense, only 3.4 liters. It is also possible that the indicated quantity does not need to be in the vehicle and is not filled in by the mechanic. In this case, of course, the program only charges the amount dispensed.

The program warns if the quantity specified by the customer reaches the minimum level, so how much lubricating oil is still in the tank (barrel, container) and if it is necessary to fill it. The advantage of a computerized oil program over a PIN dispenser, for example, which allows the treatment of up to four lubricating oils, and makes it possible to add unlimited number of oils and also an almost unlimited number of users, and the problem of dosing grease has been solved.

Subsequent modifications

The existing lubricating oil filling systems can be converted to computer dispensing systems easily. The solenoid valve and the encoder can be installed anywhere in the system after the pump, but in front of the filling gun, in the current line and next to them the electrical lines can be added. Of course, the valve and transmitter should be placed in the most protected location.

Computer and stand

The program runs on any Windows operating system from Windows 98 onwards. The computer – it can be a laptop, notebook, tablet – is part of the system, but it can also be provided by the customer.

Barcode support

New vehicles are equipped with a barcode that contains the vehicle data, and by connecting a barcode reader and adapting the appropriate program, the vehicle data can be entered very easily (typing-free, in one to two seconds).

If a barcode printer is also connected, the non-barcode vehicle can be provided with a barcode, which facilitates data entry during oil changes, or a barcode can be added that contains all the data from the previous oil change.

If you are thinking of the development of your service and need an oil dosing system, please contact us or our partner company Daxes Kft.