Our NFC solutions

One-touch transaction

The reasons why you should choose us:

  • Only one touch
  • Extremely fast – two-way communication
  • Range 4-10 cm
  • Found in most cell phones
  • Safe
  • No need for pairing devices

Our NFC solutions

E-menü, E-ital kártya

E-food / E-drink card

One-touch order


The reasons why you should choose this solution?

  • The printed menu is no longer trendy
  • Nowadays, in most restaurants waiters don’t offer anything
  • The full selection is available with one touch

We recommend this for: restaurants, cafes, hotels, spas, wellness centers


The guest arrived at the catering unit-> selected the table -> took a seat -> then the waiter picked up the order.


The guest arrives-> selects the table -> takes a seat -> then takes out his mobile phone.

Why is it useful? Nowadays, it’s hard to find a good waiter because there’s a shortage of manpower.

With our solution this problem can be solved and we can constantly update the offer with special food and beverage offers.

It is located at each table and can be reached by a single touch.

Smart product label

One-touch product information


The reasons why you should choose this solution?

  • Conscious shoppers like to know everything about a given product
  • All product information is available via the NFC tag on the product
  • Faster and easier solution than using QR codes
Intelligens termékcímke

Our partners love our solution because with the help of the information tags placed in the stores the buyer can find out all the information about the given product.

nfc cica

Smart tag

One touch is enough to call the owner!


The reasons why you should choose this solution?

  • There is no need to take found the animal to the vet and identify it based on the implanted chip

  • The owner can be called with one touch

  • In case of ordering, your phone number will be coded into the tag (locked, safe against transcoding)

    The perfect accessory for your dog, cat, or for other animals to get it back if it would be lost. If this happens by accident, who finds the animal touches the tag with an NFC on his/her smartphone, the ticket shows the owner’s phone number and the finder can call you immediately.

papírmentes névjegy

Digital business card

Business card with one touch
The reasosn why you sholud choose this solution?
  • Environmental friendly solution
  • Thanks to the self-

    Adhesive solution:
  • you can place your business card anywhere
  • it can’t be lost
  • may contain additional information

We recommend our solution primarily for professionals (gas man, electrician, plumber, carpenter etc.).

Be proud of your work, leave your digital contact there so your customers can reach you with one touch.

BSys – Solution

BSys Card

Everything is solved with one touch!

Professional access control system for company executives!

Benefits of BSys Card:

  • fast identification
  • standard credit card size (ISO card format)
  • provides the highest
  • protection against card hacking and cloning
  • mobile NFC support (no need to insert the card into the reader)
  • 0.8mm thin
  • can be used both inside and outside

NFC sticker – A link

The NFC (Near Field Communications) technology itself has been existing since 2004, but has begun to spread thanks to smart devices. NFC technology enables fast and secure communication for active and passive devices, cards and smartphones. The most important information is that data from NFC chips cannot be downloaded, only read. The read information is always a text, the processing of the information is the task of the device and the program.

Nowadays, a lot of information can be placed on an NFC sticker: business card, link, Wi-Fi contact, Email, GEO location, Application link, text, SMS, etc.…

NFC technology may even be suitable for sharing information with our users without Internet connection.