Cyber security

Cyber security in business

In recent years, information security has been one of the most interesting topics in information technology. The growing number of hackers and virus attacks, as well as data leaks from large, well-known companies, have spurred active countermeasures on the IT community. Small and medium business leaders are often not aware of information security issues, risks, and current threats, and don’t even want to bother with the small details of IT. Incompetetnts have vague ideas about two or three threats that they generally find worrying. During the budget approval process, the priority is to optimize the amount of investments in new software and to have a positive impact on their business.

Our specialists help reduce the risks of business threats and prevent disasters related to hackers and virus attacks.


Did you know?

Companies that have already suffered significant data loss due to a malicious, encryption-based extortion viruses are paying much more attention to security than those who have not faced such an incident.

Top cybersecurity issues

  • “Our company is too small who would deal with us at all?”
  • Outdated technologies
  • The company does not have information security professionals
  • People are the weakest link in the chain
  • Availability of equipment

Cyber Security - Threats

Passwords for email addresses can be found and acquired from the browser’s memory

Nowadays, a single password is no longer enough. People write down their passwords on small notepads or in files saved in the browser. Quite often, passwords are very simple because that is more convenient. Then, the same credentials are used to register on sites and forum pages with questionable security settings.

Malicious email attachments

To outsiders the two documents may appear to be the same, yet they behave differently.

Malicious email links

People who are considered as “hackers” in our heads have been “working” as marketing experts for a long time. They send attractive messages, make a realistic copy of the banks’ payment side and try to influence people’s emotions.

Attack of malicious, encryption-based extortion viruses

Malicious, encryption-based extortion viruses are a serious threat and often bypass the protection provided by anti-virus software.

Attack of malicious, encryption-based extortion viruses

Have you ever felt that you would have screamed in anger because you had a document deleted accidentally or fell victim to an encryption-based blackmail virus? Or maybe because a part of a document has been permanently deleted?

Download data from a data storage without password-protection

Nowadays, information is lost along with the tools.

Leakage of documents

Someone is trying to pass on confidential information outside the company.

Physical security – risk of intrusion

If you keep all the data close to yourself it is natural to feel more relaxed. However, anyone who enters the company’s territory, whether legally or illegally, may also have access to your information.

Lack of data archiving

Local devices may go wrong and the data may be deleted, accidentally or intentionally.

100% secure protection does not exist!

Being aware of the threats presented above we can say that the issue of cyber security is important to consider.

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