BSys Ads – Advertise on BSys!

Why advertise in BSys Ads?


  • Users with higher education and high purchasing power
  • Exclusivity – One advertising place
  • Long lasting appearance
  • Cost-efficient


With the spread of BerényiSoft’s BSys mobile application, its user interface and users are constantly expanding.

BSys Ads

BerényiSoft BSys mobile application is mainly used by users with higher education and high purchasing power, who are receptive to new solutions. Our mobile apps are designed to display an ad to each of our users after logging in, and the ad remains visible in the bottom bar throughout the use of the mobile app.

Your ad will enjoy exclusivity during the ad period, so each user will see your ad each time the app is opened, so the ad will receive more attention and, thanks to its serial appearance, will remain more user-aware.

Optional advertising periods:

  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

Ad format on landing page:

  • In BSys Ads, it is possible to place a 300 x 600 banner on the landing page.
  • It is the advertiser’s job to create the banner. (If unsolved, we recommend BSys Design)
  • The operation of the banner is the same as the operation of the banner placed on the websites, thus when the user clicks on it, the browser of the mobile phone starts and the linked website opens.
    Our preferred file formats: * .png, * .jpg
300x600 banner

The format of the advertisement in the footer bar of the mobile application:

  • In BSys Ads, it is possible to place a 728 x 90 banner in the footer bar.

We provide the customer an AV / CT statistics about the appearance of advertisements and clicks.

The advertising publisher is not debited with Advertising Tax, considering your tax base does not reach the amount exceeding the tax rate (HUF 0.5 billion).