BiPPo – Blockboard tailoring optimizer program

BiPPo - Bútorlap-szabászati optimalizáló program

BiPPo is a Blockboard tailoring optimizer program that enables fast, error-free,

mixed-fiber direction optimization and the display of a graphical, scale-based tailoring plan.

The BiPPo system is designed for blockboard tailoring companies. Using the program solves typical problems for the company, such as when the best person in the company takes long minutes, even hours, to create a medium-sized tailoring plan before cutting the board. When creating a multi-part task, it may turn out during assembly that the material has been cut transversely, or an additional part may need to be added to the task.

The program offers a more efficient solution to the above-mentioned problems than similar software available in Hungary.

Currently the program has the following features:

  • Convenient manual data entering into Item and Table tables
  • Automatically import data from Microsoft Excel files into the Item and Table tables
  • Automatically export data from an Item and Table table
  • The largest board size can be set
  • Security alerts if a user tries to add incorrect information. (e.g. table size does not exist or is too large)
  • Vertical (cutting the board crosswise) optimization using Bippo algorithm
  • Fast optimization
  • Display scaled tailor designs
  • Tailor designs can be printed
  • Display and print statistics
  • Printing components

Did you know?

The advantage of the BiPPo system is that it offers a more efficient solution for both small-board (1-100 items), medium-board (101-1000 items) and large-board (1001 and larger items) tasks, sometimes saving more boards.

Did you know?

BiPPo provides the ability to adjust the cutting direction of the board, which can be useful, for example in workshops where a cut plan considered correct is not feasible due to the size of the workshop because there is no 6.5 meter long space to set the cutter.

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Customer information

The sale and support of our old client software have stopped! Our company will soon be publish the BiPPo 2.0 software, which our customers will be able to use as a service.

We ask for your patience and understanding during the transition period!