BSys – Automatic GLS tag printer

Quick, automated, exact


The benefits of our software?


  • Save time and money with automatic label printing
  • Delivery data is automatically filled in from the webshop system
  • The package label is printed automatically
  • GLS packet point support
  • Automatic rounding in case of cash on delivery
GLS címke

Package label 100

100 package labels
29 Ft label
  • Free guidance
  • 100 package labels
  • Automatic data processing

Package label 50 000

50 000 package labels
9 Ft label
  • Free guidance
  • 50 000 package labels
  • Automatic data processing

If you use a web store framework other than ShopRenter and
if you would like to use the automatic printing of GLS package labels, please contact us.


  • the software can run on any Windows operating system
  • thanks to the console solution, your system requirements are minimal
  • the software can be used by anyone after entering the password
  • the software doesn’t have to be installed
    the integration of
  • ShopRenter and GLS systems is performed by the engineers of BerényiSoft Kft. for free.

Select an order

  • After a successful login, orders in status “Processing” are automatically listed.
  • If you want to print a label for an order, all you have to do is press an “i” and ENTER.

Enter an account number

  • The package always includes an invoice, so as the first step the program requests the number of the invoice.

Set the amount of cash on delivery

  • The software displays the payment method and the amount of the order from the ShopRenter system.
  • If the amount of cash on delivery is correct, all you have to do is press ENTER.
  • The program provides the possibility of changing the displayed cash on delivery amount. Correct the amount and press ENTER.
  • In case of bank transfer or card payment, you can send the package without cash on delivery by pressing 0 and ENTER.

Package number

  • The amount of the cash on delivery will be rounded in every case.
    If only 1 packet is sent, all you have to do is press ENTER.
    If the order includes several packages, please enter the package number and ENTER.

Pick up

  • You can set the time when courier will pick up the package.
  • If on the same day, all you have to do is press ENTER.
  • The program also allows you to set a another day too. Press how many days later you would like the courier to pick up the package and press ENTER.

Label printing

  • The label is printed automatically
  • When all the orders are processed, the program will write “Your job is done for today! Good job!” and closes automatically.

The finished package label

GLS minta címke
GLS label sample - package